Distance means so little, when someone means so much.

Well, I agree lately, the graph of our relationship have been going much up and down for us. It is never going constantly.
At a point, there was a time where we felt that we were just made for each other and no power in this world could separate us anymore.

Every day there would be exchanging of sweet messages between us . Life was too sweet. To say it was more sweet than honey. I clearly remember even after 1 and half year of our relationship, I could not make contact with your eyes. You always teased me and you dared me every day to look straight to your eyes and say ” I LOVE YOU”, which of course I failed every day. Speaking the truth, even to this day, I can barely ,make contact with your eyes. I just don’t understand why I have this problem, maybe because I’m too shy. Speaking apart, our relationship was just a complete package of love, care, humor and what not……
One day someone asked me; “will you be able to maintain your relationship when both of you go to different places for your higher studies?.” That question left me with some doubt in my mind for a moment. But that time I just answered him with a smile that; “don’t worry bro, nothing bad like that is going to happen between us” as I had full confidence in my relationship.

Slowly with time that person’s questions were turning out to be true..!

For the first time, I started to understand how difficult it was to maintain a long distance relationship. The relationship which used to be as sweet as honey  was now slowly turning into salty water. Fights, doubts, misunderstandings were some of the common factors which were turning our sweet relationship into a salty one. No doubt for some time a bee came into our sweet relationship.
The relationship turned so salty that neither of us could stay in a relationship. The bee which came in our relationship saw the opportunity and started stealing out all the sweetness that was between us. 

So, finally, the relationship ended. 
One fine day when you could not bear the bee stealing the sweetness anymore, you rebelled against him and came back to me. I agree, I was not in a condition to bring back the sweetness anymore. 
But time heals everything. Slowly, I also felt the loneliness in my life and needed to sweeten my life once again.
I would like to give an example; when we see a person in ICU, we can see his heart beat graph going up and down constantly. Once his heartbeat becomes linear i.e constant, the person dies. So as I said before, our relationship graph is going up and down nowadays. Which according to me is good because if it would be too much constant, it would naturally end as the person in ICU.
So, yeah we are in a relationship now and I would not feel ashamed of telling the world that you are my girlfriend and ” I LOVE YOU A LOT” ❤

We both experienced sweet and salty side of our relationship, which now will help us in understanding the world more nicely.

So finally, now we stand in a position where we are slowly starting to grow our relationship like a new born plant. I know there will a lot of troubles growing once again to a new and healthy tree. But if we both take care of it, I’m sure our relation will once again grow to a strong and healthy tree. 

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