The nympho love 💟

Ankur lay on the bed, his hair uncombed and beard unshaved. As he lit yet another cigarette, a cloud of tears formed around the lens of his glasses. He exhaled a long puff, the smoke got lost in the curly hair of Maria.

Maria was the most top-end prostitute of the town and Ankur, her top-end customer.  At least he used to be.

“Do you want me to wear the six-piece lingerie you got me?” Maria asked, moving her fingers on Ankur’s chest through his half buttoned shirt.

“Do you still have it? It’s been more than five years.”

“Yes, and it stills fits me but that does not answer my question.”

“I have always liked your bare skin,” he moved his hands on her arms.

Maria put her head on his shoulders and leaned to kiss Ankur but he swayed, kissing the cigarette tip instead.

“What made you visit me, after all these years?” Maria asked. She had now moved away from his arms. Both of them lay on their back, watching the smoke disappear before it could meet the ceiling.

He passed her the cigarette, their fingers brushed for the first time in years. Maria’s heartbeat elevated while Ankur’s remained dead like their relationship.

“Do you think that there is a parallel universe where people strip their clothes to turn on their partner?” Ankur asked, looking at Maria for the first time.

“Is this the thing you want to talk about? Some parallel universe? Is this why you want me to be naked? Have you once again failed as a lover?” she asked, taking a deep drag in order to pull the tears inside.

“I don’t know. She loves me and I do too. We are about to get married next month.”

“You are a liar, always will be. She has left you and you have no one to talk to. So, you have come to me.”

“I have taken off the ring. I am not sure whether we are still engaged or not.”

“What does that mean?”

“She has gone to see her ex for one last time.”

“And how would she feel about your visit to me?”

“I am not spending the night with you. I just came to see you as a friend whom I can share a cigarette with.  I just hope she does not share anything more than that with him…”

Riya walked out of the bathroom, naked. The bathroom lamp was flickering along with her loyalty. She left the door ajar and walked to the bed.

Pratik was waiting for her in the bed. His clothes were lying on the foot of the bed. The two high school lovers were meeting for the first time after they had departed six years ago. The band-aid which had concealed the wound of their relationship had been ripped off in a flash.

She sat on one edge of the bed, her back straight and arms crossed. The reach of the flickering light ended halfway through the bed. While Pratik sat in complete darkness, the light showered its attention on Riya as if she were a pop-star on a stage. 

 After moments of awkward stares and blinks, the flickering stopped and so did the moment. In that darkness, the invisible guardian of the conscious could not see the impending act of fornication.

They once used to be a couple who had mastered the art of kissing. From reading lips to kissing them, they knew it all. But now, it seemed as if their rhythms had also changed with time.

Few awkward moments later, flickering resumed along with her friend, Distance. 
“I brought this for you,” Pratik said, handing her a dress. He got up and began to dress up.

“No,” Riya dropped the dress and closed her eyes with her hands. “I can’t do this. I am engaged, so are you. We should not have kissed.”

“I wanted to spend the night with you before we depart officially,” Pratik pleaded, holding her cheeks to kiss her again.

Two weeks later…
“Why haven’t you put on your engagement ring?”

Riya questioned as she walked out of the bathroom. She had spotted the ring behind the mirror. As she picked the ring, she observed the dust that had settled around it, like the tan mark which was once conspicuous on Ankur’s fingers two weeks ago.

“Why haven’t you told me about that night?” Ankur questioned back. He lay on the bed, not waiting for Riya. He drew yet another cigarette from the pack of his newly changed brand of cigarettes. For, the smoke reminded him of the whiff of Maria’s skin.

“I don’t want to talk about it. Nothing happened, trust me.”

“What was he wearing? I bet something fancy.”

“Nothing,” she replied in a muffled tone.

“Just like you have been wearing nothing since you met him?”
The couple had moved in together a month ago but they had never been as distant as they were in the last two weeks. 

“He was not wearing anything, nor did I. We did not dress up and try to turn on each other. Can’t you let it go, Ankur?”

“I am sorry. I have never found-and-lost someone,” he lied, hiding his face amidst the cloud of smoke. 

“I don’t think you ever lose people. It might hurt you but his memories will always be with me. And somehow, it makes me love you even more. I am sorry, I not making any sense.”

“Please continue,” he said as he crushed his half-burnt cigarette. 

“Last summer when I had to travel for work, I used to cross paths with a man. After a while, we realised that we used to board the same station and our destination was same well. We began to exchange smiles; he would sometimes offer me his seat as well. But we never spoke. And then I stopped commuting by the train. I used to feel bad for him. He might be missing me… ”

“What do you mean you used to feel bad for him?” Ankur interjected. The crumpled cigarette was still burning inside the old ash tray…

“I need to see her, now,” Ankur shouted as he walked in the office. 

“Sir, she is in a meeting,” the assistant said.

“I know she is busy pleasing a rich man,” he shouted, louder than the first time.

“What is going on?” Maria came out of the room, draped in a crimson red silk gown.

“I need to talk.”

“Come in,” Maria said to Ankur. “Cancel the appointments,” she told her assistant.

“Is everything all right?”


“Did she cheat on you that night?”

“I don’t know. She probably did not. Nonetheless, she is getting married, not to me, not to him as well. She is marrying a guy she met while commuting,” Ankur could barely speak through his sobs. Maria held him in her arms, clenching him close to her bosoms, like the old times.

“Do you think that there is a parallel universe where people strip their clothes to turn on their partner?” Ankur asked, looking at Maria for the first time.
Maria stood up and opened the knot of her gown to flaunt her body.

“I have always liked your bare skin,” he moved his hands on her arms.

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