“She” helps me vanquish !

I was stuck in a dark island called society

Envisioned to meet their demands.

Like a slave, walloping with lashes

Worked everyday across,

Swamps, mountains, jungles and terrains

Laden with expactations

No one to alleviate my pain of ridicule

But with a surmise in my heart, everyday

I would wait poised for the rescuing hands

When one fine day, I was clamoring with agony

She came to the redemption

As she lumped the liniment across my body

I could worth the real me.

We gyp out through the slavery of the island

Diving together into the abyssal sea,

Aware of the problems we brook ahead

Still diving , crossing all the hindrances on the way

Finally, we come aloft

To find the diverse free blue sky

The birds catching up to rescue us

Flying in the unimpede open sky enduringly.

In simple words,

Here in this poem I am verbalizing the story of a boy who was burdened with the dream of his parents and all that the modern society expected of him. He was made to do everything like a slave. He could not disappoint his parents too. 

He could not share his utter pain with anyone and kept to himself. He was living a supressed life and was expecting a ray of some love towards him so that he could share his pain and sufferings.

 Finally, one day a girl comes to his life. That is the point where his life starts taking a differnt turn. 

As she lumped the liniment across my body” this line depicts that, the girl understood the boy and starts comforting him and devotes herself to all his dreams. Finally, they both takes the decision of overcoming the society and running away. Knowing all the circumstances they would face from the society, they still stay together and cross all the barriers, untill the boy follows his dream of publishing his novel and going hit worldwide. That is depicted in the lines where they dive in the sea filled with difficulties, finally overcoming the huge sea, they come on the surface where they see birds comming to rescue them and they fly in the free sky for the rest of their lives without looking back.
So friends, if you got anyone supporting you and devoted for your dreams, go ahead pursue your dreams before you stay as a slave for the rest of your life in the dark island. 😇 Good luck! Hope you keep reading.

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