Let’s Understand, Us and Sarahah

The Good Times

How do you tell someone if you like that person? How do you convey your gratitude or let someone know if some element of their personality attracts you or makes you happy? Conversely, how do you let people make a strong point about your character or say for instance point out your character flaws? How do you become an answerable entity without any entitlement of political power or social obligation?

A social network wing, a website to be precise, built for some initial purpose, turned out to be a successful social experiment. Something that thousands of people throughout the world responded to. Something that unleashed the beast and elevated the angels latent in the sanctum sanctorum of our souls. Heavy Right?


Welcome to the world of Narcissists, Abusers, Perverts, the Depressed, Gold Diggers, Desperate Lovers, Cyber Bullies and the Common Mass. The world of Sarahah. Something that has amused the bliss out of those who have opened an account and pissed the piss out of those who open social media handles for some serious information and bonding.

Intuitive GK round for the account openers:

  • Do you realize that they have posted in your wing only and only because it’s anonymous?
  • Also, do you know that in such case posting a screenshot and asking for a revelation is termed as foolishness?
  • Also, do you know that contrary to beliefs, there’s no way you can know the identity of the people who have left you “Constructive” messages?
  • Also, did you know that lamenting later about the abuses (if any) you’ve been left with will be of No use?
  • If someone has sent you an anonymous message, don’t you feel you are supposed to respect it and not post it on social media, especially if someone conveys some personal information or has clear indication of the person’s identity?

For other people:

  • Do you realize that one can simply leave himself/herself messages and pretend to have received them from anonymous accounts?
  • Do you realize that by liking or commenting on the links, you are promoting the stigma associated with it?


The world is full of people with differentiated opinions. I personally believe that people whom I know personally will talk to or text me in person to let Me know an opinion and those who don’t have the guts to do so in person, an anonymous handle won’t be of much use.

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In the modern world of virtual concoctions, we’ve lost a thing called real conversation. And by letting yourself fall into a trap as vulnerable as Sarahah, you are allowing technology to create a gap between your perceptions and reality.


This thing is just for fun, it’s true, but it should also be kept in mind that the experiment or whatsoever, was successful, and a future scope of further isolation will increase. So get out from the virtual maze, and welcome to the real world, where the five dominant senses will help you understand people better than the unisexual, anonymous shadows within Sarahah



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