Android O’s official name might be announced on the day of the solar eclipse

The Good Times

Google is ready up to launch the next android version “Android O” at any day now, and we still don’t know what exactly the official name will be when it’s finally available to everyone.

Will it be Oreo, Orange creamsicle, Oatmeal cookie, or something else that starts with the letter “O”? Android Police’s David Ruddock burned the internet with some of his tweets on Thursday claiming that Google will likely announce the operating system’s official name on Aug. 21, the day of the solar eclipse.

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His tweets suggest he knows the name but doesn’t want to play spoilsport. Ruddock also revealed that the Mountain View, the California-based company is planning a spectacle surrounding the reveal. It all sounds so juicy if he’s right about the whole solar eclipse spectacle.

A most probable name could be Android Oreo, as when compared with the solar eclipse, Oreo suited it at its perfect place making it a lovable thing among the whole world.

A solar eclipse, where the moon fully passes in between the Earth and the sun, would look just like an Oreo. Don’t believe us? Just look at the photoshop we made of an Oreo superimposed on top of a solar eclipse. It’s not difficult to imagine Google doing a cheesy tie-in with the biggest astronomical event of the year.


At this point, with so much love for Oreo, it’d be disappointing if Android O is called anything else. The solar eclipse is not for another ten more days, so we’ll find out soon enough.

What you think the name would be, mention us in the comment section below.

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