How hard is “decision making” between your choices ? 

How many of you have difficulty making choices, decision making?

How many of you have a tough time when you choose clothes in a shop? But you know, it is easy. You just check your pocket and then you know what to buy.

Now, what about courses? Anyone got tough time thinking whether he should be a doctor or engineer? or a blogger?

But even tougher choices come when you have to choose a life partner.Such typical choices to be made in life right? There are more serious choices than making a life partner.

Once, a 19-year old girl came to a monk. She was molested and three months pregnant. Then she asks the monk,”Should i drop the child or should I keep the child?” 

The monk was speechless. Is it choosing a set of clothes? Is it choosing to make a choice between this girl or that girl? or  this boy or that boy? based on which gender you are. Is it as simple as choosing to eat something to eat from a menu card? So dear readers, life is not as easy, as it seems, when it comes to make complicated choices like this. So readers please dont abuse someones life. For you it is a moment of pleasure, and for that girl it is life. Rest of her life, she has to live like this making one or the other choice, and someone has put her into this situation. Can you imagine what complicated situation is it for her?

Do you know what choice did the monk tell her?

The monk told her,”I dont know what to do! It’s your choice. I don’t have to live with it right? it is you who have to live with it. Whichever choice you make will come with a consequence and you have to accept that. If you say you will drop the child, be ready to face the consequence of feeling guilt for the rest of your life. And if accept the choice of keeping the child be ready to face the consequence of going and telling your parents of what has happened. Also be ready to hear the social burdens of who is going to marry her, raise the child and live in this society.”

Phew! Life is like that. We are put into many ,many complicated situations. I would like to offer you all a very powerfull tool about making a choice. There will be many consequences in decision making, so be sure which one you would be ready to bear.

Moral dilemmas are easy to solve becausethey are between good and bad. Ethical dilemmas are hard to solve because they are between bad and bad or good and good. So always remember you will always have to make that one choice. You are not going to be spared by life. Choices means two things to remember-

– Informed choices  

-Tansformed choices. 

We should always make informed choices.

Now what is informed choices? It is a choice made based on proper delibration, based on proper knowledge, based on proper consideration, based on proper analysis.

And what is transformed choices? It is the choices based on our spiritual strength.

So when we have a combination of informed and transformed choices, then we make a choice, because informed we know what to do but we cant do it. And thus we definetely need to make transformed choices. So,therefore they say an intilligent person will open your mind, a handsome person will open your eyes, but a gentleman will open your heart. So readers I  appeal to all of you to become intilligent, handsome gentleman.

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