The woman on rickshaw

Technologies changing every day. I still remember going out in evening once in a month for PCO with family to talk with distant relatives. After a year or two, my father then bought a black and white cell phone. We could now talk to anyone from home but I admit, I was more interested in playing the snake game on that cell phone.

Image result for evolution of phone

Years passed by cell phones were revolutionized by changing into colored screens with more better games. I was in class 8 when I got my first cell phone. Now I could listen to songs, watch videos, even play games. I realized I no longer needed to carry my Chinese i-pod anymore for listening songs. By the year I passed my class 10, I was gifted with my first Android. Camera with 5 MP, HQ music, playing 3D games, browsing the internet, messaging etc everything was within one gadget. Finally, now I’m in the 3rd year of engineering with the latest version of Android.

Last winter when I went home for vacations, JIO’s wave was all over India. Personally speaking, when I was in the hostel I was used to the free hostel wifi but now at home, I had to recharge with 349 for 1GB which gobbled up almost half of my weeks pocket money. That is when I decided to go with Jio and after that everything changed. Now I was using 1GB of data per day. Listening to online music, playing online games, video calling with girlfriend etc. Slowly even 1GB of data per day seemed less now.

Well, one evening I was out with my friends, it was winter, after a hot cup of coffee we decided to light cigarettes. We went to a nearby shop and bought a packet before lighting it. As we smoked we planned our trip to Bhutan. From the corner of my right eye, I could notice a rickshaw coming to us. Behind the old rickshaw walla, I noticed a woman in her late twenties.  She was holding a phone in her hand while she had a big smile on her face. As the rickshaw approached closer, I noticed she was wearing a light yellow kurta, also she had a small red bindi on her forehead and her smile got wider. Though all of my friends were saying about the interesting trip we would be having, my full attention went to that woman. I just don’t know but I must have noticed something interesting in her. The more she approached closer the more I learned about her. She might have been 6 feet away from me, I saw her showing sign languages with her right hand. It did not take time for me to know that she was video calling with someone in sign language. I assumed the person on the other side of the phone was her husband. She continuously kept on showing sign languages as she laughed a bit. From her laugh I got to know that she was dumb, she could not speak.

I imagined the situation of the couple whose wife was dumb, that may be some years back they could have only one sided conversation over phone i.e her husband would be speaking and the woman would only be able to listen and can’t express her views. Thanks to changes in engineering and technologies they can now video call and speak in sign language. She can now describe her day to day activities without any problem. She would be able to express how much she was missing him, she would now be able to say about the food she had for today’s lunch, above all she would be able to say how much she loves him. Ah! She’s not the only one, many couples like them were now more close to each other. That moment I felt something too good deep inside me. In fact, Jio helped in adding, even more, time to their happiness.

All these thoughts ran through my mind within a flick of five seconds, the approximate time the rickshaw took to cross me. The last thing I saw her do was waving goodbye over the phone and kissing the screen.

“Love is blind”, the words were written on the back of the rickshaw in red paint.



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